The Genius of Dogs by Brian Hare & Vanessa Woods

The Genius of Dogs - Discovering the Unique Intelligence of Man's Best Friend - Brian Hare, Vanessa Woods

TITLE: The Genius of Dogs - Discovering the Unique Intelligence of Man's Best Friend


AUTHOR: Brian Hare & Vanessa Woods




FORMAT: Paperback


ISBN-13: 9781780743684



"Is your dog purposefully disobeying you? Probably, and usually behind your back. Should you act like ‘top dog’ to maintain control? No, you’re better off displaying your friendliness – and not just to your dog. Which breed is the cleverest? That’s the wrong question to ask. These are just some of the extraordinary insights to be found in 'The Genius of Dogs' – the seminal book on how dogs evolved their unique intelligence by award-winning scientist Dr Brian Hare. He shares more than two decades of startling discoveries about the mysteries of the dog mind and how you can use his groundbreaking work to build a better relationship with your own dog."




Hare and Woods take a look at various doggie studies to determine exactly how intelligent dogs are compared to humans, wolves and occasionally other animals (e.g. crows and bonobos).  The book is a bit erratic, with the authors covering a variety of topics and writing about their personal dog experiences.  But since I love dogs, this didn't really bother me.  The sections on domestication (dog, fox, bonobo and human) were particularly interesting.  This book made for an entertaining and easy read on comparative cognitive science with a focus on dogs, while providing some fascinating information that might not be generally well known.


PS:  The dog is smarter than the cat!