Fragments by Heraclitus, Brooks Haxton (Translator)

Fragments - Heraclitus, Brooks Haxton, James Hillman

TITLE:   Fragments


AUTHOR:  Heraclitus


TRANSLATOR:  Brooks Haxton


EDITION:  Penguin Classics


ISBN-13:  9780142437650


FORMAT:  ebook


DATE PUBLISHED:  2003 (original published in 500 B.C)




"In the sixth century b.c.-twenty-five hundred years before Einstein-Heraclitus of Ephesus declared that energy is the essence of matter, that everything becomes energy in flux, in relativity. His great book, On Nature, the world's first coherent philosophical treatise and touchstone for Plato, Aristotle, and Marcus Aurelius, has long been lost to history-but its surviving fragments have for thousands of years tantalized our greatest thinkers, from Montaigne to Nietzsche, Heidegger to Jung. Now, acclaimed poet Brooks Haxton presents a powerful free-verse translation of all 130 surviving fragments of the teachings of Heraclitus, with the ancient Greek originals beautifully reproduced en face."





Absolute gibberish.  I found some neat quotes in my old quote journal and decided to find more and determine the context.  Well, it didn't work out that way.  This book is complete gibberish.  Incomplete and incomprehensible phrases and sentences.  So I did a bit of research.  Turns out the translation is atrocious.  The translator makes up stuff and adds things that aren't in the original.  So if you want to read what is left of Heraclitus, find a different translation - maybe an old pre-new-age translation where the translator actually knows Greek!