Alpha Centauri by Robert Siegel

Alpha Centauri - Robert Siegel

TITLE:  Alpha Centauri


AUTHOR:  Robert Siegel



"Vacationing with her father in England, Becky and her newfound friend Rebecca the horse blunder into the "Eye of the Fog" and are carried back through time to ancient Britain. They emerge in the midst of a desperate struggle in which ruthless men are seeking to wipe out a race of benevolent centaurs. Thus begins an incredible tale of courage, faith and dogged determination in the face of impossible odds as Becky undertakes a perilous mission to save the centaurs. Along the way she encounters a series of challenges that try her ingenuity and strength of character. At last she meets the ultimate test of her faith and will: she must open the Path to the Stars - the only hope for the centaurs' survival."




A cute time-travel/fantasy novel involving centaurs and a teenage heroine (and her horse).  A friend first loaned me this book when I was around 10 years old.  I found it in a used-book shop last November.  There is nothing particularly unique about this book (except possibly the story concept), but it still makes for an enjoyable reading experience.  And, well... there are centaurs!!