The Cold by Rich Hawkins

The Cold - Rich Hawkins

TITLE:  The Cold


AUTHOR:  Rich Hawkins



"It was an English summers day like any other until the snow began to fall and kept falling. Within hours, the entire country was buried beneath a freezing white blanket. And hidden within the blizzard conditions things began to move and kill and feast.
Seth is one of the few passengers to survive the train crash. Now he and his fellow survivors face a new world of snow, ice and freezing fog, where they will be hunted like prey in the ruins of Great Britain.
They must run.
They must hide.
They must survive THE COLD.






This is a nicely written apocalyptic/horror novel that includes a variety of original monsters in a bleak, arctic world.  The scenery makes one shiver, the monsters are terrifying and the human dynamics and behaviour were realistic.  However, we never really find out what caused the apocalypse and the abrupt ending leaves a lot to the readers interpretation and didn't work for me.  I'm wondering if there is a sequel?