Annus Horribilis: Latin for Everyday Life by Mark Walker

Annus Horribilis: Latin for Everyday Life - Mark Walker

TITLE:  Annus Horribilis: Latin for Everyday Life


AUTHOR:  Mark Walker




FORMAT:  Hardcover


ISBN-13:  9780752442846




"What do "quid pro quo" and "habeas corpus" mean? Why do plants have Latin names? Why do families, towns, countries, and even football teams have Latin mottoes? What do the Latin epitaphs in churches say? These are just a few of the topics covered in this comprehensive guide to Latin for the layman. With wit and clear language, the Latin phrases and words that surround us and compose our contemporary vocabulary are exposed and decoded. Entertaining and informative, this study proves that Latin is anything but dead."
This book came about as a result of the author's teaching an evening class in Latin for adult beginners, and realising that the traditional Latin courses were not ideally suited to the needs of his mature students.  This is an introductory text to the type of Latin encountered in everyday life, that should be followed by a more comprehensive text if the reader has a further interest in the subject.  The author covers the history and development of Latin, familiar Latin phrases, acronyms & abbreviations, Roman names and numerals, mottoes, Latin for Gardeners, Doctors & Lawyers, church Latin, Latin in music, hymns, Christmas carols and the Latin Mass, Roman inscriptions and Latin epitaphs.  I found the book interesting and informative, and definitely requiring further examination.