The Trojan Horse Pandemic by Veronica Preda

The Trojan Horse Pandemic: A Struggle for World Domination - Veronica Preda, Robin Wildt Hansen

TITLE:  The Trojan Horse Pandemic: A Struggle for World Domination


AUTHOR:  Veronica Preda



"An archaeological expedition finds an object which many scholars claimed to be a myth: the Trojan Horse. Far from what people had imagined, the Horse turns out to be a quartz statue. As it starts a tour of the greatest museums in the world, however, a mysterious ailment follows in the wake of the Trojan Horse. Caught in the vortex of events, with no proof and few resources, doctor Timea Dulay fights to prove her theory and find a cure. Why are so many people falling ill after seeing the Horse? Why is the exhibition not stopped? What is the connection with Ulysses - the foul-mouthed artificial intelligence system that powered the submarine that found the Horse? Who is really behind all this? Will Timea manage to hold onto her marriage as she battles for the truth - a battle that soon proves to be for the survival of the human race as we know it? "




I couldn't resist reading a book that involves finding the Trojan Horse.  This is an entertaining, fast paced novella with an unexpected twist at the end.  I look forward to more stories by this author.