All That Remains by Sue Black

TITLE: All That Remains: A Life in Death


AUTHOR: Sue Black




FORMAT: Hardcover


ISBN-13: 9780857524928



"Sue Black confronts death every day. As Professor of Anatomy and Forensic Anthropology, she focuses on mortal remains in her lab, at burial sites, at scenes of violence, murder and criminal dismemberment, and when investigating mass fatalities due to war, accident or natural disaster. In All that Remains she reveals the many faces of death she has come to know, using key cases to explore how forensic science has developed, and what her work has taught her. Do we expect a book about death to be sad? Macabre? Sue’s book is neither. There is tragedy, but there is also humour in stories as gripping as the best crime novel. Our own death will remain a great unknown. But as an expert witness from the final frontier, Sue Black is the wisest, most reassuring, most compelling of guides. "




This book is more of maudlin memoir of the author's life than anything else. We get to read about her weekend job as a butcher's assistant, about her grandmother, her mother, her father, her uncle and her thoughts on their manner of death. We also get to read about the author's opinions on the morals of anything dealing with corpses and death. About halfway through the book we get to the cases she was asked to investigate and the atrocities she had to document in Kosovo. There was a bit of information on anatomy and forensics in this book, but not much. If you want to read about the author's personal experiences as a forensic anthropologist, then you might like this book. I didn't find the book all that compelling or interesting.