Zero Limit by Jeremy K. Brown

Zero Limit - Jeremy Brown


 "For war hero Caitlin Taggart, mining work on the Moon is dirty, low pay, and high risk. But no risk seems too extreme if it helps her return to Earth and the daughter she loves more than life itself. Offered a dangerous, long-shot chance to realize that dream, Caitlin will gamble with more than just her life.


By leading a ragtag crew of miners on a perilous assignment to harvest an asteroid, Caitlin could earn a small fortune. More importantly, it would give her clearance to return to Earth.  But when an unexpected disaster strikes the mission, Caitlin is plunged into a race to save not only herself, but every human being on Earth."






Zero Limit is an entertaining, though not particularly original, space-disaster story.  The beginning starts slowly and contains too much info-dumping, the secondary characters came across as flat and things just worked out too conveniently.  But if you just want to be entertained then you might like this book.