A Christmas Cornucopia by Mark Forsyth

A Christmas Cornucopia: The hidden stories behind our Yuletide traditions - Mark Forsyth

TITLE:  A Christmas Cornucopia: The Hidden Stories Behind Our Yuletide Traditions


AUTHOR:  Mark Forsyth




FORMAT:  ebook


ISBN-13:  9780241977552




"The unpredictable origins and etymologies of our cracking Christmas customs

For something that happens every year of our lives, we really don't know much about Christmas.

We don't know that the date we celebrate was chosen by a madman, or that Christmas, etymologically speaking, means 'Go away, Christ'. Nor do we know that Christmas was first celebrated in 243 AD on 28 March - and only moved to 25 December in 354 AD. We're oblivious to the fact that the advent calendar was actually invented by a Munich housewife to stop her children pestering her for a Christmas countdown. And we would never have guessed that the invention of crackers was merely a way of popularizing sweet wrappers.

Luckily, like a gift from Santa himself, Mark Forsyth is here to unwrap this fundamentally funny gallimaufry of traditions and oddities, making it all finally make sense - in his wonderfully entertaining wordy way.



Entertaining, informative, interesting, irreverant, amusing and fun reading about the Christmas.  I would have liked more indepth research though.  But this book is short and fun to read.