Child of an Ancient City by Tad Williams & Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Child of an Ancient City - Tad Williams, Nina Kiriki Hoffman

From the blurb:


"Sitting around their dinner table, replete from a mighty banquet, Ibn Fahad and Masrur al-Adan - two of the Caliph of Bagdad's most trusted servants - are called upon to tell tales.  Tales of the unknown north, where they ventured in their youth as guards to a caravan.


As their tale unfolds, a creeping horror floods over the listeners - and also over the two storytellers, remembering a time when their excellence at spinning fables was, like Scherazade, the only attribute which kept them alive."



This is a short story (only 80 pages) that involves a story within a story, with adventure and a non-standard vampire (no glitter!!).  Just a fun, though atmospheric, romp for an afternoon read (not for bedtime reading though).  The handfull of black and white illustrations where pretty neat.