Artificial Condition by Martha Wells

Artificial Condition - Martha Wells

This is the second installment of the Murderbot Diaries, which extends the world building we saw in All Systems Red.  Murderbot is a wonderfully realised (and developing) main character.  Artificial Condition is a beautifully written, sometimes amusing, and exciting action/adventure/mystery novella set in an internally consistent science-fiction universe.


In Artificial Condition, Murderbot tries to determine the events that led to it becoming a rogue Secunit. To accomplish that, it must take a transport to the world where it happened, and Murderbot offers media to a transport ship in exchange for a ride. However, there is more to this particular transport ship than Murderbot originally assumed.  The interactions between Murderbot and ART are a delight to read.  I'm eagerly awaiting the next adventures of Murderbot.


"Yes, the giant transport bot is going to help the construct SecUnit pretend to be human. This will go well."