BUILT by Roma Agrawal

Built: The Hidden Stories Behind our Structures  - Roma Agrawal

TITLE:  Built: The Hidden Stories Behind Our Structures

AUTHOR:  Roma Agrawal


FORMAT:  ebook

ISBN-13:  978-1-4088-7034-1


In "Built", Roma Agrawal conveys her passion for structural engineering - for building bridges and skyscrapers.  The book is a mix of personal anecdotes regarding her experience as an engineer, stories of historical engineering feats, and a smattering of engineering concepts.  The writing style is fairly personable and chatty.  I found the information regarding the historical engineering feats the most interesting, but was ultimately disappointed in the superficial (and minimal) treatment of engineering concepts.   This would probably make a good, basic (if somewhat superficial) introductory book about sturctural engineering for someone who knows nothing about engineering or architecture, and would like to know a little more without the physics and maths.  In short, this is an enjoyable but superficial read.




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