OCEAN OF LIFE by Callum Roberts

Ocean of Life - Callum Roberts

TITLE:  Ocean of Life:  How Our Seas Are Changing


AUTHOR:  Callum Roberts




FORMAT:  Paperback


ISBN-13:  978-0-241-95070-8



In Ocean of Life, Callum Roberts shows how the oceans have changed - from prehistoric times to today.  His focus is on man-made changes, dealing with such topics as overfishing, destructive fishing methods, plastic and chemical pollution, winds and currents, excessive noise, dead-zones, disease, farm-fish etc.  The book is however, not all doom and gloom. Roberts dedicates the last quarter of his book to methods that may work to restore or at least diminish the negative effects humans have on  ocean life - provided people are willing to implement them.  This is a well-written, articulate, interesting and engaging book, with short chapters covering specific topics.  What happens to the Oceans is relevant to everyone on this planet, and this book provides an eye-opening summary of the importance of the Oceans and how humans have and can effect them for good or ill.