Death on Earth by Jules Howard

Death on Earth: Adventures in Evolution and Mortality - Jules Howard

TITLE:  Death on Earth:  Adventures in Evolution and Mortality


AUTHOR:  Jules Howard




FORMAT:  ebook


ISBN-13:  978-1-4729-1510-8




This book is horribly written (in my opinion) but some-what entertaining.  The author makes a rather poor (and unsuccessful) attempt to explore death in nature.  There is no focus to this book, no thesis or structure - there is just a collection of chapters that briefly discuss whatever random, sometimes  vaguely death related topic the author came across at any given time (I suppose this is the adventure part of the title?).  The book struck me as being more about life and the strange habits of humans rather than death.  Some of these animal stories were interesting, but all were rather superficial.  The writing style is informal, science-lite, overly chatty with too many far too personal anecdotes and opinions.  This is basically a shallow but fairly entertaining book to read if you don't feel like putting too much effort into your reading matter.