Journey to the Centre of the Earth by David Whitehouse

Journey to the Centre of the Earth: The Remarkable Voyage of Scientific Discovery into the Heart of Our World - David Whitehouse

TITLE:  Journey to the Centre of the Earth:  A Scientific Exploration into the Heart of Our Planet.


AUTHOR:  David Whitehouse




FORMAT:  Paperback


ISBN-13:  978-1-7802-2870-9



In Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Whitehouse takes us on a tour of discovery through the Earth's crust, mantle, out core and inner core.  The author makes use of Jules Verne's "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" as a literary device as he takes the reader on a trip through the Earth, describing the scientists and the discoveries that lead to our knowledge of the Earth's geological structure.  He discusses such topics as earth quakes and seismology, the Earth's protective magnetic field, the interconnected relationship between biology, rocks and the geological workings of the Earth and other planets in this solar system.  


While the information provided in this book is interesting, some of it could have done with more detail.  The chapters are rather short, which is preferable to having separate topics all squashed into one chapter, however, topic organization was a little erratic on occasion.  This book includes many photographs and some diagrams but could have made use with a few more illustrative diagrams (and an editor).  The writing style is easy to read and accessible to the general public.