St. Patrick's Gargoyle by Katherine Kurtz

St. Patrick's Gargoyle - Katherine Kurtz

This short and sometimes emotional novel is told from the perspective of Paddy, the gargoyle who guards St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland.  It is a tale of good vs evil, as Paddy enlists the help of 82 year old Francis Templeton, a Knight of Malta with a fondness of his old Rolls Royce.

The book is somewhat weak on plot but heavy on theology and church functioning, including a section on bell ringing (which was rather interesting).  I didn't feel that the author was preaching, despite the religious themes of the book (which couldn't really be helped in a book like this).

The author's portrayal of gargoyles is original and something I enjoyed immensely.  The story also makes use of miracles (sort of), demons, angels and a cat.  This is a sweet little mystery story, with lovable characters, delightful interactions and a unique perspective.  It is not gritty or dark, though there are intense moments, nor is it quite fluffy either.  I found this book to be a pleasant and enjoyable diversion.

The book isn't particularly meant for children but i is safe for their consumption, i.e. no gore, excessive violence or sex.