The Flat Book Society - Reminder to vote

Reblogged from Murder by Death:

Just a reminder for those that belong to The Flat Book Society to vote for the books you'd like to read In September and November.


Voting will 'close' for these first two reads on August 15th, although the voting will remain open indefinitely for future reads in 2018.


If you have a book (or books) on your TBR that you think would fit the group, please feel free to add it to the voting list, using the field at the bottom of the voting page.  Books can be added at any time and will only come off the list if they don't fit the reading mandate, or if they're chosen for a group read (or have been there forever and gotten no love at all from anybody). 


If you think you'd like to join a group reading some laid-back science, please feel free to join us.