Gods & Myths of Northern Europe

Gods and Myths of Northern Europe - H. R. Ellis Davidson,  Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson

A very interesting and scholarly look at the myths and deities of northern Europe -  the continental, Anglo-Saxons and Norse (aka Vikings) variations.   The author describes the various gods and goddesses, and attempts to trace how their stories originated and evolved.  She then attempts to related the cults of these mythological characters to the daily lives of the people, and provides some ideas on why these heathen beliefs gave way to the Christian faith.  This is an introductory text with many nuggets of interesting ideas and connections.


Readers should have some familiarity with Norse myths before tackling this book -  the author discusses the myths of northern Europe, she doesn't deal with the stories in full detail as is provided in books like Norse Myths: Gods of the Vikings by Kevin Crossley-Holland or similar.

The many scholarly books written by Claude Lecouteux, as well as Pagan Magic of the Northern Tradition:  Customs, Rites, and Ceremonies by Nigel Pennick, may be of interest to readers who enjoyed this book.