The Search for the Origin of Vampires

Vampire Forensics: Uncovering the Origins of an Enduring Legend - Mark Collins Jenkins

Vampire Forensics is an entertaining book filled with factoids that attempts to explore the history of vampires. Mark Collins Jenkins cites folklore, literary characters (e.g. Dracula), anthropological, archaeological, medical (e.g. rabies, plague victims, funerary practices) and other scientific research in his search for the origins of the vampire legends.


The organizational structure of the book is somewhat erratic making the path to the origin of the vampire legend somewhat obscure. This is not a chronological history of any means. There is also very little real forensics work cited in this book, despite the title. In addition, the author never draws a firm conclusion and the book rather peters out. Despite these flaws, this book is a rather interesting collection of historical anecdotes and perceptions of the dead and not-so-dead.