Armageddon Science by Brian Clegg

Armageddon Science: The Science of Mass Destruction - Brian Clegg


Armageddon Science is a well-written, entertaining little book that takes a look at the science behind the things that might obliterate us one day, or cause a great deal of mayhem and destruction.  


 Brain Clegg combines a bit of history with some science (nothing too complicated) to explain how these things work and why they probably will (or won't as the case might be) be feasible in terms of mass destruction. 


This book was a fun, quick read that covers a different topic in each chapter.  Topics covered include: 

(1) mad scientists;

(2) the Large Hadron Collider, antimatter and blackholes;

(3) atomic devastation;

(4) climate catastrophe; 

(5) biohazards in the form of chemical warfare/terrorism and pandemics; 

(6) nanotechnology run amok; 

(7) accidental and intentional meltdown of electronic and information technology systems;

(8) human technological upgrading i.e. cyborgs and cybernetics;

(9) natural disasters and our interaction with the planet; and

the final chapter that is cautiously optimistic about the uses of science and the nature of humans.