Kindred by Steve Robinson

Kindred (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery) - Steve Robinson

This is another genealogical crime/mystery by Steve Robinson, however this book was not up to the standard of his previous four books.  It started off rather slow then picked up pace but it still wasn't as good as his other novels.  This book had less genealogical research than the previous books and focused too much on overdone, boring Nazi trivia* and not enough on the main character.  The main character struck me as something of a non-entity, especially if you haven't read the previous novels in the series, even though the whole story revolved around finding the main character's parents.  This book would fit right in with all those silly Hollywood movies with limited plot, irrelevant scenes, a fair amount of unnecessary "action", a typical Hollywood villain that has to blabber too much, and lots of unrealistic, all too convenient happenings, making the book rather trite and on occasion unbelievable and silly.  The end did have a rather interesting twist, but the rest of the book could have been better.