Silence: A SERRAted Edge Novel by Mercedes Lackey, Cody Martin

Silence (Serrated Edge) - Cody Martin, Mercedes Lackey

This is a breezy and entertaining urban fantasy novel that forms a stand-alone addition to the SERRAted Edge Series written by Mercedes Lackey and a handful of other authors.   Staci is stranded in the rather strange town of Silence with her less than functional mother.  Elves, "magic" motorcycles and other odd-ball creatures make an appearance.  I preferred The Chrome Borne and The Other World omnibus edition stories to this one, but Silence is still a nice addition to the series.  The teenage characters in this novel did not whine so much as is usual for Mercedes Lackey novels aimed at teenagers, nor was this novel as dark as some of the others in the series.  A short, enjoyable read.