The Raven and the Reindeer

The Raven and the Reindeer - T. Kingfisher

A nicely written, fairly entertaining version of the Hans-Christian fairy tale "The Snow Queen" by T Kingfisher (aka Ursula Vernon).  I didn't enjoy this story as much as "Bryony and Roses" and "The Seventh Bride", but I suspect that has much to do with "The Snow Queen" tale which I have never been particularly fond of.  While this story has nicely fleshed out main characters, the minor characters are somewhat flat, which is a disappointment from an author who can give something as bland as an earthworm (see Castle Hangnail) a whole backstory and interesting personality.  On the other hand, the mythology and animal physiology details are fascinating.  Also, who can resist loving a raven who names himself "The Sound of Mousebones Crunching Under the Hooves of God".