Where Do Camels Belong?: The Story and Science of Invasive Species

Where Do Camels Belong?: The Story and Science of Invasive Species - Ken Thompson "Where Do Camels Belong?" isn't a book about camels.  This book discusses the vagaries of humans labeling species as native or invasive, as well as the hysteria associated with alien invasive species.  In this nicely written book with numerous examples, Thompson discusses the evidence for the negative accusations leveled at these invasive species and finds that most don't deserve their bad reputation. 
Thompson argues that the the alien species greatest crime is moving in after human activities have made the ecosystem in question unsuitable for native species.  He also argues that most invasive species may provide benefits to these disturbed ecosystems.
Thompson also indicates that eradication efforts (usually involving harmful chemicals and more habitat disturbance) usually does more environmental damage than the alien invasive species.  The author makes a compelling argument that human activities such as deforestation, agriculture and dam building have irrevocably changed ecosystems, providing suitable habitat for invasive species, and as such, it pays to determine if the invasive species are guilty of their assumed negative effects before taking costly and usually ineffective measures to eradicate them.