The Tree: A Natural History of What Trees Are, How They Live & Why They Matter

The Tree: A Natural History of What Trees Are, How They Live & Why They Matter - Colin Tudge Hmmmmmm..... I have mixed feelings about this book. There is a lot of information about Trees and the writing style isn't bad, but the middle section is rather tedious. The book has a few black and white sketches/illustrations of trees. My edition of the book [ISBN 9780307395399] also has very thin pages (maybe recycled) and a flimsy cover. If you are buying this you may want to get a different edition or the hardcover version.

The book is divided into parts:

Part 1: What is a Tree? Explains what a tree is and its structure. This section is very interesting.

Part 2: All the Trees in the World. Description of tree classification and trees. Long and tedious. Reminds me of a botany text book without all the coloured photographs.

Part 3: The Life of Trees. Describes how trees function, includes photosynthesis, water transfer from roots to leaves, nutrients in the soil, micorrhizae, growth, hormone function, reproduction, pollination, symbiosis, photoperiodism, and biogeagraphy. This is also a very interesting section that is nicely explained - the best part of the book in my opinion.

Part 4: Trees and Us. Concluding section that provides food for thought about our relationship with trees and the earth.

If all you are after is how trees function then I recommend Botany for Gardeners by Brian Capon. [b:Botany for Gardeners|594467|Botany for Gardeners|Brian Capon||581183] Otherwise, The Tree by Colin Tudge is a nice addition to the reference library.