Octopus!: The Most Mysterious Creature in the Sea

Octopus!: The Most Mysterious Creature in the Sea - Katherine Harmon Courage This rather thin book on octopuses is delivered in an easy-to-read, informal and occasionally juvenile style more suited to a magazine article than a science book, even a popular science book. There are some interesting facts (ok there are lots of interesting facts) but there is also too much space dedicated to travelogue "stuff", eating octopuses (recipes are included) and being sea-sick. Did I mention there was a ridiculous amount of space dedicated to murdering and eating octopuses? A reference section is included, as well as some bad quality black & white photographs. There really should have been some colour photographs of these magnificent animals. Suitable for children and teenagers.

PS: Promoted from 2 to 3 stars for the simple reason that the science chapters were very interesting and I learned new things.