A New Green History of the World

A New Green History of the World - Clive Ponting I had a great deal of trouble finishing this book. It was just plain tedious.

This book could have been interesting and so much better, but I found it boring and outdated. I didn't learn much new "stuff", which is the whole point of reading books like this.

The first third of the book is incredibly boring and tedious (I put the book down to read 5 other books before picking it up again and forcing myself to finish it). The rest gets a bit better, but not much.

The author selects the most common, well-known examples (boring, old information) for his chapters - it would have been nice to read about something else besides the usual whales and passenger pigeons.

Major gripe: The author doesn't state his references properly so I have no idea where he gets his numbers/ statistics and some of his information from. There is a "Guide to Further Reading" but that doesn't really help very much. This is a science book! I expect proper references. I also expect new references as well as old references. Most of the "Further Reading" section lists books written in the 1980s. All the data provided in this book doesn't go further than 2000, and this is supposed to be an updated (2007) edition of the book.